How to Have Great Sex

When you think about ways of achieving great sex, several things can come to mind. Some men believe that the only way to have a great sex is having an encounter with Pornstar escorts. While this is somehow true, there are things that can still help you experience great sex with your partner. In fact, some people feel more comfortable having sex with their partners than companions. Here are tips on how to experience great sex from a porn star.

Keep Some Clothes On

It is a common belief that whenever people want to have sex, they have to take off all clothes and be completely naked. But, great sex requires a couple to deviate from the obvious. Letting all your goodies out is arousing. However, you should at least leave your g-string, heels or bra loosely hanging on your breasts. Having some clothes on during sex increases arousal, thereby giving your partner more pleasure.

Mix Things Up

Following the same procedures every time you have sex makes the act boring. There is no rule that you must start with foreplay. Although it sets the mood for great sex, you can start with oral sex, proceed to penetration, come back to foreplay then get back to penetration again. Don’t let your partner predict your next move every time you have sex. Instead, generate excitement by switching things up. Surprises lead to more thrilling orgasms that make the experience more fulfilling.

Act Silly

Sex should be enjoyed by both partners. This means that you should never take things so serious when making love. When having sex, it is the right time for both of you to open up to your best kept secrets and fantasies. Don’t be ashamed of talking dirty or throwing in a joke when riding. Acting silly makes both of you feel more comfortable while creating light moments when thing get heated up. It also enhances stimulation.

Focus on Your Desires and Fantasies

To make the experience more fulfilling for both of you, communicate with each other about what you need, where you enjoy being touched, and how you want to be pleasured. Whether you talk about it before or during sex, doing so will enable you to understand each other better with regards to satisfaction. For instance, if he is not caressing your tits right, grab his hands and show him how you want it to be done.

These tips can help you make improvements in your sex life. But, remember that improving your sex life is a process that requires practice and patience.

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